The 2008 MMOGTA Show
A Year to Remember

Of course, remembering is pretty much our mission statement here at the Mid Michigan Old Gas Tractor Association, but the real trick is to create something worthy of space in the old memory bank. We think we hit that mark right in the center this year, as we hosted what likely was the largest reunion of A.D. Baker machinery since the company faded into history back in the 1930’s. Old Abner must have been smiling down on his legacy, as the crowds gathered around the “Baker Barn” to view the machinery and memories he left behind.

We were proud to have the very first Steam Traction Engine his factory ever produced fired up and being operated by his great grandson, Louie Carson. In keeping with our long-standing reputation for being the busiest show around, we didn’t let the venerable machine rest on its laurels, instead we put her back in the harness and made her earn her keep, running the sawmill and the threshing machine. Not many of us will come around for an encore work day in our 110th year, but “Baker # 1” showed no signs of age as she went back to doing what she was meant to do.

Like I told many visitors leading up to our 34th annual show, all we need is good weather, we’ve got the rest of it covered. This year we got it, clear skies and moderate temperatures made the weekend a delight for workers and visitors alike. The parking lot was filled, the display field was filled, the vendors were busy, and the spectators hardly knew which way to turn, as the entertainment happened all around them.

We are forever indebted to the hundreds and hundreds of exhibitors who joined us to produce what was certainly one of our best and most enjoyable shows ever. What a community of talent, knowledge and skills to find assembled in one place! You, the spectator, and we, the organization, were the beneficiaries of their efforts.

We leave you with a series of photos from the 2008 MMOGTA Show, that will continue to grow as the material becomes available, so please check back throughout the year, this page will be updating for some time to come. Thanks for the memories!

(click individual photos to enlarge.)     SOMEHOW 2008 PHOTOS HAVE BEEN LOST.  WILL ATTEMPT TO FIND THEM,  BUT IS HAS BEEN AWHILE.



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