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Bill, Bollinger’s, and Bakers; a 4th of July Story

Had the privilege to visit the Bollinger family’s annual 4th of July tractor show for the first time this year, in what is one of the nicest natural settings I have seen for a tractor and engine expo (near Chelsea MI). This year’s feature was the A.D. Baker brand of machinery, with Bill K. providing about 10 pieces from his collection. A beautiful summer evening made the experience a memorable one. In the photos below you will see plowing with an enormous Aultman-Taylor 30-60, a Baker, and a John Deere, as well as getting a look at the very unique surroundings. For us Saginaw Valley flat-landers, it’s always a treat to visit an area where the terrain has a vertical component to go with the horizontal. Granted, some of the novelty wore off after a couple of hours on foot, but the long evening sun made the photos wwll worth the effort. Click the photos to enlarge, and enjoy !


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