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Farm TractorsFarmall 1
Farmall 2
Farmall 3
1941 Farmall A -  $1500

Runs Great.  Good Sheet Metal. Wheel Weights.  New rear tires. Belt pulley. Hand lift arms (not shown).

Contact:  Myrle at 517.643.1706 or myrleg2@gmail.com


Oliver 60
Oliver 60 2
Oliver 60 3
Oliver 60  - $700 or best offer

serial # 611414 has blade, rear tire weights, manifold is rusted out, rear tires and rims shot,  Best offer!! $700 sent picture by phone, smoke stack fell off, but I have it…  thanks…

Contact :  Mary Lou    
glml@centurytel.net  989-280-8024


Steve Dice Farmall H1951 Farmall H pulling tractor. It is a 12 volt system with home made weight brackets and hitch. I have at least 2500$ into it and receipts to prove it. The belly pump, pto, belt drive, and lights have been removed. I have aluminum plates covering up the holes. Here's a list of parts that I have in the motor.
Tisco Tru Power Engine Kit. 4-CYLINDER Gas, 152 CID. 3-3/8" Standard Bore, 3-7/16" Overbore Supplied. Stepped-Head High Compression Piston, 5-5/16" Valve Length, Early Crank. Basic Engine Kit, less bearings. Contains sleeves sleeve seals, pistons rings, pins retainers, pin bushings, complete gasket set, crankshaft seals. Camshaft was sent out to be reground to different specs, new lifters, Intake and exhaust valves, valve keys, springs, valve guides, main bearings, rod bearings, cam bearings, the rods have been reconditioned, and the head has been milled down. All of the motor work has been professionally done. 2500$ or best offer.

Contact Steve Dice at 989.293.4760                  


$5000 - 1942 AR John Deere.

 16.9 X 26 Rear Tires

Contact John at 989.348.8651     Grayling


Misc. little motor

                Contact Charles Washburne Jr. at 517.339.3325

                   Minature gas engine like lil-brother or hired hand
                   Hand built by Gene Alverson
                   All brass on walnut stand
                   Appraised by Munro Tasker at $3500.
                    $3000.00 or best offer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                8/25/15


Category Description

1949 Farmall A Engine Block or Parts Tractor   Contact Dave Meyer at 989.845.6117



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