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The contents of the “Weekly Feature” page are provided to you for your entertainment, amusement, and perhaps information. Here you may find articles of interest, pictures, historical information on the Club, or whatever shuffles to the top of the pile on our desk. The only defined characteristic of this space is that we will make every effort to change/replace it around the middle of each week. Thank you for visiting, and please stop by again. Click on any photo to see it larger in a separate window.


Mother Nature is armed with an abundance of unstoppable forces, and not all are welcomed, to be sure. We have all seen the ferocity of winter storms, tornados, lightning, floods, and know that we are not equipped to challenge them directly. We remember more fondly the softer powers in her considerable arsenal, like the warming of the earth, the patient growth of a tree that will surround a fence wire, the push of a seedling that bursts through crusted soil. It’s all about the time and the perseverance. Like I have reminded you in many seasons past, nothing is as inevitable as Spring. We had a fairly painless winter, an unprecedented period of warm weather in March, a few frosty setbacks in early April, but it is here, and we couldn’t be more pleased.

At the MMOGTA Showgrounds, spring means the return of the outdoor activity season. The month of April will bring us back to our favorite warm weather hangout, to resume all the work and play we have been missing over the past few months. Wednesday evening work bee’s will be back, and projects will be undertaken in various areas. For those who have not visited the grounds since last fall, you will see the stacks of logs that line both sides of the south drive, all the way to the gate. Much of this is the result of the donation of timber from our friends at the Chesaning Area Conservation club. The saw-mill will be busy this year. Volunteers are also remodeling the Track I announcer’s stand. As soon as the weather permits, water service will be restored to our facilities, and then we will be back in the tractor business for the 2012 season.

The April meeting will still be held at the Brady Twp. Hall ( 10:30am, Sunday, Apr 15th), and then it will be fast-forward to Saturday, the 28th, for the opening day of pulling season. A dead weight pull is scheduled for the 28th, and the first T-Sled points pull will be on Sunday, the 29th. The kitchen will also be open for both events.

If the favorable weather continues, we will soon be into the grass mowing season, which is always accompanied by mosquito-slapping season, and I’m sure some campsite clean-up will be on the agenda, as well. Like all of you, we eagerly anticipate the moment when that Brennan Rd gate swings wide, and welcomes us to another season of fun and friends at the MMOGTA Showgrounds.

We thank Myrle and Delores for joining the website team, and for adding their recent contributions to the Weekly page.

We leave you with a few recent pics taken during our summer-like, late March visit to the grounds. (click individual photos to enlarge)

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